leather sofa

I know many single ladies might disagree with me on this but I love leather furniture. Leather is sometimes considered too masculine for a single woman’s apartment or home but I disagree.

My leather sofa is the focal point of the living room in my apartment and it’s probably my favorite piece of furniture in my apartment.

For some reason, leather gets a bad reputation and I want to correct that. I think there are some myths about leather furniture that prevents people from buying leather instead of fabric and upholstery and I’m going to dispel those myths today.


It is true that leather furniture is often more expensive than upholstered furniture. But that is only true for the initial purchase.

You will save a couple hundred dollars during the initial purchase if you buy fabric furniture but you will lose some money in the long run. Here is why …

First, fabric furniture wears down faster than leather furniture does. Fabric furniture might only last 3-4 years before it wears down and you’ll start to want new furniture again. Leather furniture can last 10-20 years if cared for properly and leather even improves in quality over time.

Second, you need to clean fabric furniture one time every 12 months or so. You need to remove soils and stains trapped in the fabric fibers. This isn’t necessary for leather furniture.


Another myth I have to dispel is that leather is either “too hot” when the weather is hot outside or “too cold” when weather is too cold outside.

I admit, this would be a problem if you plan on placing your leather furniture in your front yard or on the sidewalk in front of your apartment, but if you plan on leaving your leather furniture indoors (as most homeowners do), this is not a problem at all.


I mentioned above that leather is very durable but not everyone believes this. Leather withstands much more wear and tear than fabric does and it is the most durable choice of cushioned furniture you can buy.

Don’t let your children scratch it and don’t eat on it often if you don’t have to and your leather furniture will turn out to be one of the best investments in your home and décor you ever make.

Do you have leather furniture in your home or apartment? Do you love it? Let me know in the comments!