The Reasons I Chose Carpet

carpet pattern

In 2017, hardwood floor is by far the most popular choice when it comes to residential flooring. Laminate is also popular too but almost anyone who can afford hardwood almost always chooses hardwood.

So, what about carpet? In the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, everyone loved carpet. There were various cuts, fibers, colors and styles to choose from and some homeowners even carpeted their bathroom (gross!).

But now, in 2017, carpet isn’t very popular anymore. I’m not sure why, because I LOVE CARPET and I chose it for my home despite the fact that I had the budget for hardwood floor if I would have wanted it.

I know. I’m crazy. Similar to how I love leather furniture. Anyways …



I love interior decorating. This is obvious because I write my own blog about decorating, home design, remodeling, etc … but there is something even more important to me about my home than its style or how it is decorated and that is if it is comfortable or not. I want to feel 100% comfortable at all times in my home and I think carpet is much more comfortable than hardwood floor.

Plush carpet fibers cushion every step and provide warmth on cool days and evenings. In fact, there is even a $$$ benefit too because carpet will better insulate a room or home than hardwood floor will which will help to reduce heating costs for a home.


There is always a lot of color in all of my rooms and décor. I love bold and bright colors and if you choose carpet for your home you will be able to create a colorful foundation for an entire room depending on whatever color carpet you choose.

Hardwood floor is either dark or light or tan. The color options are minimal and while you can spice it up a bit with an area rug or two, there still is nowhere near as much color as wall-to-wall carpet.

#3. COST

I could afford hardwood floor but because I love carpet, I didn’t and because I chose carpet, I had more money left over to invest in stainless steel appliances for my kitchen and other décor upgrades throughout my home that I couldn’t have afforded if I had chosen to install hardwood floor in each room.

There are several other benefits to carpet too. These benefits aren’t the main reason I chose carpet but they’re worth considering if any are important to you:

  • You will experience better noise reduction in your home if you choose carpet. The carpet fibers will trap reverberations of sound instead of allowing them to continue to bounce off the floor and walls.
  • You will experience allergy benefits as allergens and dust are trapped into the carpet instead of recirculating onto the floor and then into the air again.
  • You will only need to vacuum 2-3 times a week and hire a carpet cleaner each year* instead of having to scrub hardwood on your hands and knees.

Author: Gloria Neal