How to Choose Carpet Color

colorful carpet

Choosing a carpet color sounds relatively simple, yet most shoppers find themselves overwhelmed when faced with the hundreds of possible options to choose from.

A carpet is a huge investment for your home or business premises, and it is important that you make choices you can live with years down the line. While it is important that you select trendy colors, it is also necessary that you balance trendiness with timelessness, otherwise you might have to keep changing carpets which of course is costly.

There are usually several considerations you should make when selecting the color of your carpet. For instance, you want to ensure that the carpet works well with the overall theme of the house. You might also be interested in mix and matching your carpet with the sofa, in which case you first need to determine what color your sofa will be. That being said, there are several simple steps you can take to ensure that you arrive at the right choice. These are:

Eliminate all the colors that you hate

Everyone has colors they would never consider choosing for anything, be it clothes, or carpet or even nail polish color. Note which colors these are, and eliminate these from the running. The rest of the colors which you don’t dislike will remain as potential choices.

Understand why carpet color matters

Lighter carpet colors make a room seem bigger, while darker ones make a room feel tight and snug. It is the same way that darker clothing tends to make people seem smaller than they really are. If you have a small room and want to create the illusion that it is bigger than it really is, you want to choose a lightly colored carpet.

Depending on the composition of your household (read pets and babies) you might want to go for a solid dark colored carpet to hide those stains that will be a regular occurrence in your house.

While this is not necessarily an advisable thing to do, some people will want carpets that can hide dirt easily. For instance, you probably experience a lot of traffic in your premises and do not want it to be obvious that your carpet needs cleaning. In such cases, a multi-colored or flecked carpet will be the best choice. You will still need to hire carpet cleaners each year though. Learn why carpet cleaning is important here.

Studies have shown that different colors inspire different people differently. For instance, red is shown to stimulate while blue is soothing and orange makes you feel warm. If you want to leverage on the psychology about colors, you can choose a color that works well with the feelings you are hoping to evoke.

What about the walls?

It is a genuine concern of course-how well your wall color will go with the carpet color. A simple way to go about this is to contrast your wall color with the various options that you have for carpet color. You can use a shirt and tie test-with the shirt standing in for your walls.

To put it in summary, when choosing carpet color, you need to consider the usage of the carpet, the overall theme of the home and of course, your personal preference and taste.

Author: Gloria Neal