large painting

Everyone loves to hang large artworks on walls at home. They create a unique impact on interior décor and always attract guests towards your skills to maintain the beauty of the house.

But the fact is that an artwork looks appealing only if it is installed well. If you make mistakes in installation, they will be noticed by everyone right before they notice the real beauty of your paintings.

So, it is important to pay more attention to the tricks to hang large artwork accurately on your room walls.

First of all, you have to collect few essential tools to initiate the project. It is good to collect pencil for marking; measuring tape, hammer, and ladder if you wish to hang it high and painter’s tape may also be useful to finish it well.

Now follow the steps as below hang your artwork in the most appealing way:

Mark the area:

When you have large artwork then it is important to stay careful about its placement. The frame must be well aligned on the wall and it should not catch viewers attention to notice errors in dimension rather it must attract everyone towards its beauty.

Take your measuring tape and pencil to locate the central position on the wall and then mark the area needed by your artwork. Note that it is not good to hang it on height because viewer’s eyes cannot identify its beauty from such a big distance.

Measure the hanging hardware:

The next task is to move the painting towards its backside and then measure the distance between hanging hardware and the top end of the frame.

In case if you are taking help from hanging wire then it must be pulled tight to get an accurate measurement. Locate the point with a pencil where the hanger will be placed.

Fix the hanger on the wall:

Now you know that right place to put the hanger; the next task is to take your hammer and hanger and tap it on the wall. Note that these hangers often come in a variety of size and they also vary by the capacity of weight they can carry.

The best idea is to choose the higher rating so that your hanger can carry the extra weight with ease.

Fit your artwork:

Finally, all the arrangements are done and now you can hang your beautiful collection of artwork on your room’s wall. Place it carefully and ensure that it is well centered on the hanger.

Balance it well and your room is ultimately ready with its awesome décor.

Once you hang your larger painting in the area, the next task is to complement the other décor ideas as per this painting. Some homeowners also prefer to install multiple paintings on walls but to do this it is good to follow an eye-catching pattern.

It is the right time to collect few beautiful artworks from the market and in case if you are an artist then design a customized painting for your living and let it impress everyone around.